2009. március 20., péntek

How to play system sounds


Is there any way to play system default sounds (like MessageBeep(mb_IconError) or mb_IconQuestion or these)? I need a way to play all the default sounds set in the system control (e.g. "new mail", "start windows" etc.).


If you want to play the sound associated with "Empty Recycle Bin" then call the following procedure. Using the Key Name -> PlayRegisteredSound("EmptyRecycleBin") and Window's takes care of the rest.

procedure PlayRegisteredSound(SoundKeyName: string);
  { call win32 api procedure PlaySound() }
  PlaySound(PChar(SoundKeyName), 0, SND_APPLICATION or SND_NODEFAULT or

Follow the RegKey by examining the keys beneath HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes. Here you'll find where the wav files are registered and changed by the Sounds applet in the Control Panel.

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