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Retrieve a folder list from MS Outlook


Do you want to use the MS Outlook from Delphi application?


The procedure below allow to load a tree of available folders into TTreeView:

procedure RetrieveOutlookFolders(tvFolders: TTreeView);

  procedure LoadFolder(ParentNode: TTreeNode; Folder: OleVariant);
    i: Integer;
    node: TTreeNode;
    for i := 1 to Folder.Count do
      node := tvFolders.Items.AddChild(ParentNode,

        LoadFolder(node, Folder.Item[i].Folders);

  outlook, NameSpace: OLEVariant;
  outlook := CreateOleObject('Outlook.Application');
  NameSpace := outlook.GetNameSpace('MAPI');

  LoadFolder(nil, NameSpace.Folders);

  outlook := UnAssigned;

A few comments:

the data in Outlook have the next structure: outlook application defines a MAPI's namespace which have a collection of folders. Each folder contains an items or sub-folders
this code load a full tree in TreeView. Of course, if you have a lot of pst-files with messages (active, archive, backup etc) and each of this pst-file have a large structure of folders, this code will work slowly. So as suggestion: you can rewrite a code and load the one level only. In this case code will work quickly and a list of sub-folders you'll receive in OnExpanding event of your TreeView
each folder of Outlook have an unique idenifier. You can save it somewhere (for example, in Data property of TTreeNode). Remember that this ID is long string value which you can receive as EntryID in loop of LoadFolder procedure:


PS: if this topic is interested for you, I'll continue this serie of tips and shall show how to load the messages/contacts/tasks/etc from some folder or create a new item.

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