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How to retrieve cell values of a TDBGrid using MouseCoord


I want to display a help window containing the value of the data cell under the cursor.


The trick is to use the protected DataLink property of TDBGrid which is of typeTGridDataLink. One can see that property as being kind of a buffer for a displayed page in TDBGrid. Take note that I'm using D6 and that I used OnMouseMove. Delphi6's TDBGrid has a OnMouseMove event whereas D4 has not (I don't know about D5). If you are using D4, you can hack the OnMouseMove event which comes from TControl.

  THackDbGrid = class(TDBGrid);

procedure TForm1.DBGrid1MouseMove(Sender: TObject; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer);
  gc: TGridCoord;
  dbg: TDBGrid;
  SavedActiveRec: integer;
  dbg := TDBGrid(Sender);
  gc := dbg.MouseCoord(X, Y);
  if (gc.X > 0) and (gc.X < dbg.Columns.Count) and (gc.Y > 0) then
    SavedActiveRec := THackDbGrid(Dbg).DataLink.ActiveRecord;
    THackDbGrid(Dbg).DataLink.ActiveRecord := gc.Y - 1;
    Dbg.Hint := dbg.Columns[gc.X - 1].Field.AsString;
    THackDbGrid(Dbg).DataLink.ActiveRecord := SavedActiveRec;
    Dbg.Hint := '';

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