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Meaning of message 'Internal Error SY424'


When trying to compile a program in Delphi 5, it gives an Internal Error SY424 message. What does this error mean? How can I solve this situation?


The 'SY' part means it's a symbol table error. Try deleting the DSM file of your app and do a complete build.

Overview of Internal Errors:

B : debugger
BC : debugger
BR : browser
C : codegen
CM : command line version of the compiler
D : parser
DB : debugger
DBG: debug info output
DM : IDE version of the compiler
E : parser
EO : debugger/evaluator
FN : filename / pathname parsing
GH : HPP generator
I : code generator
IN : inspectors
L : linker
LI : BPI file writing
LO : object file loading
M : memory allocation
MA : name mangling
MB : multi-byte (MBCS) support
O : object (OMF) file handling
P : package managment
R : resource writing
S : scanner
ST : standard procedure handling
SY : symbol table
T : code generator
TI : RTTI generator
U : parser
UD : IDE version of the compiler
UI : error handling
URW: DCU reading/writing
W : Object file (OMF) writing
X : code generator

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