2010. április 13., kedd

Accessing HotMail from Delphi


Is it possible to access a HotMail account through the POP3 and SMTP? I know its a web front end but I'd like to write a automated application which can send and receive mail using a HotMail account.


HotMail is not accessible through POP/SMTP. you must use their web interface.

There is no possible shortcut to read mail but you can open the default HotMail account in new message mode using this ShellExecute call:

program dummy;

  ToAddress: string;
  EightSpaces: string;

  ToAddress := 'john@pacbell.net';
  // Don't know why but this is required to get the
  // correct compose address...
  EightSpaces := '        ';
  ShellExecute(Handle, PChar('open'), PChar('rundll32.exe'),
    + EightSpaces + ToAddress), nil, SW_NORMAL)

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