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Faster recordcount for sqlserver clientserver applications


When using the standard dataset.recordcount in my client-server (win nt against sqlserver7 db, targettable has 500.000 records) i can go for lunch and stil be waiting (:-


For those of you who don't know why u should not use the standard dataset.recordcount when developing client server database applications.
This article is especialy for those cs db apps against a sqlserver 7 db.

since the standard dataset.recordcount iterates from begin of the table through the end of the table to result in the recordcount. This is a crime when developing cs db apps (against sqlserver7).

simply use another way of obtaining the number of records. I use a sql for obtaining the number of records in a sqlserver table.

drop a tquery on the form

provide this tquery with the follow SQL:


select distinct max(itbl.rows)
from sysindexes as itbl
inner join sysobjects as otbl on (itbl.id = otbl.id)
where (otbl.type = 'U') and (otbl.name = :parTableName)

notice the parameter: parTableName type string

use this tquery to find out how many rows in the table

TIP: try to make your own tYourSqlServerCountQuery and thus override the recordcount property.
ByTheWay: use this only for sqlserver

for other cs db apps simply use a count sql (coming upnext time...)

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